Our Journey

architects united

Ar. Abhay Sharma and Ar. Vijay Ghotge were young professional architects, who
after the completion of their education united together to form a professional front
aptly named as Architects United.
Both individuals possessed strong ethical and professional principles, demonstrating
unwavering integrity and wholehearted commitment to their promises without exception,
regardless of any situation or circumstance.

This led to the growth of Architects United in leaps and bounds.

Today, the firm is acclaimed, trusted and respected in the field of Architecture, not only in Pune and Maharashtra but also outside the state.

The founders of the company not only nurtured the growth of their own firm but also imparted their experience and knowledge to the next generation. As the parent company Architects United expanded to meet the growing demands of its customers, it established affiliated companies such as Creative Group to cater to the increased activities in their respective fields. The newer generations (namely the current partners) have assumed control and are carrying the responsibility bestowed upon them by the founding partners with the same level of passion and teamwork, unwavering in their adherence to the fundamental principles established by their predecessors.

Presently the expansion in the professional activities virtually leaves no area in the field of architecture untouched. Be it a simple modern residential complex project or
a highly sophisticated multi storied super specialty hospitals meeting international standards to world class manufacturing units, educational institutions, media complexes.

Architects United, now has successfully provided yeomen service to their clients. It celebrated its golden jubilee year in 2011.