Deven Ghotge
Deven Ghotge - Principal

Ar. Deven Ghotge joined Archiects United in 1990. One of the young associate whose contribution has been significant in the growth of Architects United's Portfolio. He became a partner of Arhcitects United in 2003. As a trainee architect from BKPS College of Architecture, Pune University, this was his first association with Architects United in 1988, but nevertheless his interest in this field was kindled from very young age due to his father.

Deven's passion & enthusiasm for Architectural Designing has been the key factor in promoting the growth & development of this firm. His keen sense of proportions of spaces & asthetics is his forte. With a proactive approach & attention to detailing he can deliver an excellent quality of work.

Clients & other consultants alike enjoy his candid good humour making him an easy & enjoyable person to work with.

He believes in Seven Habits of highly effective people by Steven Coevy . He believes in happiness, Progress & Prosperity .