About Us
7th May 1961 – The starting point of the firm “Architects United “.The firm was established by Ar. Vijay V. Ghotge & Ar. Abhay B. Sharma, to express their vision of Architecture. Both the founder partners graduated from Bombay University in the year 1960. Architects United served the community of Pune & its surroundings through architectural services since its inception & actively participated in promoting the academic activities of this faculty too.We offered total design solutions encompassing all aspects of Architectural designing. In the year 1989, the firm was backed up by young innovative ideas of Ar. Deven V. Ghotge & Ar. Sachin P. Mujumdar who joined Architects United as associate partners.The output of the firm was thus services, with a combination of years of experience & innovative design ideas.

The year 2003 - 2005 saw the loss of our founder partners, but nevertheless Architects United extends the same ethos, principles & values that were established when the practice was founded.

Architects United boasts of a strong infrastructure, with an office of 350 Sq. M., centrally located in Pune, India. Partners & associates are registered with the apex bodies of the profession. Our technical staff is highly qualified with access to all the latest information technology & software packages.

We serve our clients with a high energy level & a proactive attitude towards each & every project. The reputation of the company has been built on quality work, highest principles of ethics & teamwork.

Architecture is continually changing in response to new social demands, legal designs & technological advancement. At Architects United, we are willing to acknowledge that we need to move forward & evolve practice embracing future innovation & change.

Our comprehensive architectural services include both design of a building & its internal spaces including finishes & furniture, all with the aim of producing a harmonious & unified whole. We understand criticality of the time frame & budget to the client. We handle projects such that we can add value to the surrounding community. Our practice capabilities extend a full range of various sectors as Housing, Health & Care building, Industrial, Institutional, Corporate, Commercial, Interior and Master planning.